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Apr 9, 2012

Brandnew CD "Hot World Chamber Music"!

Our brandnew CD "Hot World Chamber Music" is released!

Buy single tunes or the whole CD digitally at iTunes!
Buy single tunes or the whole CD digitally at CD Baby!

Excerpt of the liner notes, written by Renee Silberman: "...when we listen to Tom and Susanne, we are privy to the intimate language of twins. These two are halves of a whole, she the lace-maker, he the creator of the foundation. The couple carries on their dialogue in public, their art art is non-verbal, and they invite us to hear them communicate.[...] The spirit of this disc is delicately poetic. There is plenty of movement and action, but even so, the essence is tender and romantic". [...]

This CD is a unique blend of Swing, New Orleans, early Calypso, Tango, Klezmer, Rembetika, Harlem Stride, Ragtime, Valse Musette, Gipsy, and Gospel - HOT WORLD CHAMBER MUSIC!