“Lying on the Livingroom Carpet”

Lauterbach When a passionate clarinet meets a “hot” piano, the musical sparks fly. The audience cought fire only after a few measures from Susanne Ortner-Roberts (clarinet) and her husband Tom Roberts (piano).

The excellent concert program which appropriately an be described as “Hot World Chamber Music” enchanted the audience primarily due to the melting of a variety of musical genres , running the gamut from Klezmer to Harlem Stride and Swing, and continuing to Calypso, Gipsy, Tango, Greek Rembetika, and the Parisian Valse Musette.

The couple excited the audience with their artful arrangements of “world music”, their expressive, and truly passionate playing, their blind understanding of each other, and their personal charisma.

Besides classics such as the “Csardas” by V. Monti or “Someday Sweatheart” by Jelly Roll Morton, their grandiose arrangements include musical evergreens from the Jazz era of the 20s and 30s. Legendary names like Benny Goodman, Jelly Roll Morton, Sidney Bechet, George Gershwin or Duke Ellington celebrated joyous musical resurrections and inspired the public again and again to show stopping applause.

The piano style used in the Allegheny Rag captivated the audience as well as the Eastern European Klezmer and Gipsy music in pieces like “Terkisher”.

How are the musical works created

The two internationally acclaimed musicians gave insight into their personal methods: How do they create the pieces, how do they achieve the excellent intertwining fusions of different musical styles? Simply lie down on the comfy living room carpet, listen to old records, kick the ball to the dog, and wait for inspiration.

And the two proved in two and a half hours again and again that they have an abundance of inspiration, also shown in own compositions, that reflected the joyous and “meschuggene” element of Yiddish music.

Gerhard Sauter from the Kleinkunstbühne presented them with Spring flowers in honor of their colorful bouquet of “ Hot World Chamber Music“. (mas)

Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung, 04/29/2010