“The Pure Delight Of Playing”

from Ingeborg Anderson – Aichacher Nachrichten


Bobingen Seldom can one go to a concert and experience such great enthusiasm of the performers as it was with the Ortner-Roberts Duo. And therefore it doesn´t surprise us that the spark of this enthusiasm immediately jumped to the audience. When the cultural district of the city engaged Susanne Ortner-Roberts and Tom Roberts they added another jewel to their jazz series.

The Duo guided the ninety plus jazz fans who came to the Singoldhalle on an extraordinary journey, a „Trip to America“ and the singularely unique music scene of America in the 1920s: specifically the traditional ritual music of the Eastern European Jews, the musical acrobatics of the Harlem Stride pianists of the Early Jazz era as well as Calypso. In their announcements both performers showed profound knowledge of their respective musical styles.

Two “one-of-a-kind” musicians

Together they go on exciting expeditions into the archives, collecting historic 78 RPM records and unveil treasures which are brought to new life through their music and transformed into new pieces. The result is the fusion of Yiddish Klezmer and Creole music of the South. These “one-of-a-kind” musicians give their very own expression to these old routs. Susanne Ortner-Roberts, known widely through the Klezmer quartet “Sing Your Soul”, enchanted with her almost unbelievable musical witchcraft on the clarinet. Her husband Tom Roberts demonstrated on the grand piano that he was her virtuosic equal.

As a result the „Trip to America“ became a breathtaking, exciting and virtuosic journey through time. So it is no wonder that the performances was received with thunderous applause.