The Synagogue swings

Ipf- und Jagst-Zeitung , April 20, 2010:

Bopfingen/Oberdorf (mab) At the Rieser Kulturtage the music goes around the world. The concert “A Trip Around The World” was a journey with a clarinet and a piano in the suitcase.

Susanne Ortner-Roberts and her husband Tom Roberts presented a concert, that took the audience on a journey across the globe. Either America, Latin-America or Greece – the mixture was just right. For the audience in the former Synagogue in Oberdorf there was no doubt as to the quality of the performance of the duo. To say that Susanne Ortner-Roberts is merely a clarinettist is an understatement. Dr. Diethelm Winter was not the only person excited by the performance of the two musicians. The former chief administrator of the Ostalbkreis statet that this was not your everyday concert, and he added: “Your fabulous reputation preceded you and you exceeded all expectation“.

Susanne performed the entire concert without a single sheet of music. Powerful and tender tones alternated in her virtuosic, fluid and sometimes accentuated playing. Pieces originally composed for violin and cello were miraculously translated to the clarinet with great ease by the impressive soloist.

Everything that Ortner-Roberts is on the clarinet, her husband Tom is on the piano. His fingers fly over the keys at breathtaking speed. Be it Swing, Blues or Calypso - everything seems capable of being effortlessly combined. The concert was also interesting for the inclusion of Jewish sounds. The former synagogue provided a poignant setting for these numbers, and the clarinet often blossomed with moanful, wailing sounds. The standing room only audience was fascinated by this music.