“Trip to America enchantes”

Reimlingen (cei) - It was an intoxicating and rousing concert, that was presented by Susanne Ortner-Roberts (clarinet) und Tom Roberts (piano) to a completely sold out Konzertstadel on a Sunday evening in Reimlingen. Thunderous applause from the first song on is evidence enough, that the cultural forum of Nördlingen landed a coup by engaging the Duo again. The reasons for this are multifaceted.

One main reason is for sure the high art of mastery of their instruments – the virtuosity is in any event not to be topped. But a very important aspect is the extremely likeable charisma of both artists and the character of their presentation. On the one hand we have the completely cool, from head to toes through and through American Tom Roberts, who made points with an impressive German vocabulary (Schweinebraten und eine Mass Bier). On the other hand we have the charming Susanne Ortner-Roberts who guided the audience through the evening in an enchanting manner.

The Musical Mix Is Essential

But essential for the success is without doubt their music. The two lovingly describe their concert repertoire as a „Yiddish/ Creole Fusion“ – as a melting of two supposedly unrelated musical and cultural styles, resulting from their love of their respective musical fields and less on political and social agendas.

Susanne Ortner-Roberts comes more or less from a Klezmer background. Vibrant Freylekhs and Bulgars, beguiling Doinas und Horas are like her second language. Her trademarks are the typically klezmer elements on the clarinet, that she can marvelously execute due to her special technique on the clarinet. Impressive are tempo and expression, demonstrated for example on „Meschuggene Mekhutonim“ or „Terkisher“.

The Creole Element Comes From The Piano

The Creole element of the evening´s concert comes from the piano. Or more precisely from a Steinway Grand piano. This circa 40 year old beauty, whose sound enchanted everyone including the pianist, was provided by the piano house Hildebrand. Tom`s piano style is breathtaking and known under the term „Harlem Stride“. He impressed the audience with his virtuosity in pieces like “The Fingerbuster“ from Jelly Roll Morton. His accompaniment is wonderful in “Petit Fleur“ from Sidney Bechet or in the arrangement of a Csardas from V. Monti.

Impressive Journey

With their „Trip to America“ the Duo successfully completed an impressive journey into the (musical) past of America, a documentation of a musical melting of ethnic and religious groups.