“Versatile Musicians fuse Klezmer with Creole-Style”

Stadtbergen (zida) After their big success of the previous year Susanne Ortner-Roberts and Tom Roberts came back to the Buergersaal in Stadtbergen with a new program. And again the two musicians could be delighted that their audience sat enraptured by the breathtaking fusion of Yiddish klezmer sounds and the Creole music of the South. The title of their program is „A Trip to America“.


„Any beautiful melody is in danger of being seized by us”, is the way the clarinetist humorously described the way the duo transforms musical treasures from a variety of ethnic sources. And because of this musical philosophy the concert included not only diverse Yiddish rhythms but also titles from the early jazz repertoire. The program even included a Hungarian Czardaz, which ignited into a passionate display of clarinet virtuosity.

The musical styles of the immigrants, who came at the turn of the century to the New World seeking their fortune, melded into the indigenous musics of the Staates. In a similar manner the musician-couple blended different ingredients into a splended new mixture. For a example a piece could start with a cool Swing melody and suddenly morph into an ecstatic klezmer number. Here Susanne Ortner-Roberts impressed with her expressive clarinet playing. Tom Roberts once again prooved that he is one of the leading exponents of early jazz piano, especially Harlem Stride.

With Relaxed Presentation

The exquisit performance was not the only thing that impressed the audience. Both musician´s joyous playing combined with a relaxed presentation lit a fire, and the spark leapt to the audience. It is no wonder the applause were frenetic.