“Home Game at the Realschule”

Susanne and Tom in Voehringen

Susanne Ortner (clarinet) and her husband Tom Roberts (piano) gave a guest performance at the Vöhringer Realschule. Foto: Ingrid Weichsberger

Vöhringen. The clarinetist Susanne Ortner-Roberts returned to her former stomping grounds, the Realschule Vöhringen, where she once taught both German literature and music education.

Once a teacher at the Vöhringer Realschule, Susanne Ortner-Roberts now travels the world with her clarinet and her husband Tom, a pianist. The couple is currently on concert tour throughout Germany. Today it made a stop in Voehringen.

"The good contacts to my former colleagues are still existing", says the musician. Because of this it is a special joy for her to bring her music to the students of Voehringen. Therefore her collected experiences during her three-year tenure as a teacher of German literature and music education helped her tremendously. Susanne was able to explain her music to the students in an easy understandable manner. "First we listen to the original recordings and then we combine it with music from throughout the world." is how she explains the genesis of the concert repertoire of the Ortner-Roberts Duo, which can be described as "Hot World Chamber Music". Occasionally the Duo includes a drummer. But at their appearance at the Realschule Tom Roberts jumped in to handle the drum parts.

Roberts said, that he taught himself how to play the piano as a twelve year old boy after an accident playing baseball. Today Roberts is not only a musician, but also a historian and a composer. He arranged and performed music for the soundtrack of the motion picture "The Aviator" from Martin Scorsese, with Leonardo diCaprio in the title role.

Susanne Ortner-Roberts also pointed out that there are sometimes enormous differences between their concerts in Germany and in the United States. In Germany it is usually extremely quiet in the concert hall. In comparison you sometimes have to create a “circus” in the United Staes in order to entertain the audience. The couple now has there main residence in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The students of the 5th, 6t and 9th grade where enchanted by these musical delicacies at the end of the school year. Afterwards the boys and girls eagerly collected autographs.

August 4th, 2010