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workshops – masterclasses – lecture with demonstration –
instruction – private events

Group workshops

Harlem Stride Piano-Workshop Tom Roberts
Klezmerworkshop Susanne Ortner-Roberts

For intermediate to advanced players of all instruments. Subjects of intructions are technique, theory, cultural and historical backgrounds. The workshops ideally culminate in a public performances involving all of the students.


For further advanced students and professionals:

  • Specified for clarinet and piano
  • The topics can vary.

Lecture with Demonstration

The Evolution of Jazz Piano Tom Roberts – language of instruction: English
(an introduction on/ the history of) Klezmermusic
Susanne Ortner-Roberts – language of instruction: English or German

Private Events

(House concerts, weddings...)

We are happy to beautify your special day with our music - may it be a garden soiree, a birthday party, wedding, house concert... the possibilities are unlimited! We look forward to work out the details with you!

Please contact us via email: or

or give us a call:

phone 412-321-5324, cell Tom 917-627-9594, cell Susanne 412-513-6444


Who are these Germans? – a unique look at Holocaust history and how young Germans today are coping with their country's past.

Representing very different periods in Germany's history, two Germans offer insight into the Holocaust and how a new generation of Germans are reconsiling this difficult period of history. Drawng from his own childhood and army experiences, Fritz Ottenheimer recounts personal anecdotes about various Germans he had met: As A Jewish boy growing up in Nazi Germany, he escaped Nazi persecution by immigrating to the U.S. in 1939, and eventually fought against Germany with the U.S. Army at the end of WWII. A retired engineer, Mr. Ottenheimer documented his experiences surrounding the Holocaust and Post-War Germany in a memoir, "Escape and Return". Susanne Ortner accents the talk with brief klezmer (Jewish) pieces on her clarinet and offering her observations about young Germans of today. The performance provides an eye-opening glimpse into the Holocaust, and tackles the idea of what it means to be German in the 21st century.

A discussion/ question and answer period will follow the talk.

Length of Performance: an hour minimum

Intended Audience: Pittsburgh-area schools, Universities, and community groups