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»I can't believe I am hearing only two instruments!
Where is the orchestra hiding?«

F. Newman, Senior Director for A&R Columbia Records, Sony

»The pure delight of playing […] Seldom can one go to a concert and experience such great enthusiasm of the performers as it was with the Ortner-Roberts Duo […] As a result the „Trip to America“ became a breathtaking, exciting and virtuosic journey through time. So it is no wonder that the performances was received with thunderous applause.«

Aichacher Nachrichten

»[…] The exquisit performance was not the only thing that impressed the audience. Both musician´s joyous playing combined with a relaxed presentation lit a fire, and the spark leapt to the audience. It is no wonder the applause were frenetic.«

Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung

»Superb performance!«

Oklahoma Centennial Ragtime Festival

»Watching Roberts and Ortner play is like hearing Picasso paint«

one audience member

»The musical intuition between the two is truly miraculous!.«

Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung ()

»[…] a spine-tingling fusion of klezmer and creole magic, creating a marriage of two traditions in which each retained its identity while becoming interwoven with the other. […]«

Renée Silberman in a concert review, London/Ontario

»Overall, the duo of Tom and Suzanne Roberts is like a little slice of undiscovered history. But they're no mere museum piece -- you can expect this mélange of seminal Jewish-American and Afro-American culture to come alive in their capable hands.«

Pittsburgh City Paper

»Susanne Ortner […] seems to be capable of everything […] Warm, soft tones if necessary, rapid, speedy passages and in addition to this the challenging embellishments, typical for klezmer music, all at breakneck speed and with an almost unbelievable ease.«

Donau Zeitung ()

»In our humble opinion Tom Roberts is without question one of the finest pianists today in the exciting Harlem stride piano style.«

Jazzbeat Magazine

»Susanne Ortner is a worldwide reputet interpreter of Eastern European music. A musiccian par excellence, who is capable to move you deeply«

Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung

»Tom Roberts (piano) – a real wizzard.«

New Orleans Music Magazine

»[Tom Robert's] piano style is breathtaking and known under the term „Harlem Stride“. He impressed the audience with his virtuosity in pieces like “The Fingerbuster“ from Jelly Roll Morton. His accompaniment is wonderful in “Petit Fleur“from Sidney Bechet or in the arrangement of a Czardas from V. Monti.«

Donau Zeitung ()

»Tom Roberts plays mean Harlem stride piano. (If you watch Martin Scorcese's film, "The Aviator," listen for the piano in the soundtrack: it's Tom Roberts). His German wife, Susanne Ortner-Roberts, allowed her Klezmer influences to run free in her jazz clarinet improvisations that were at times aid-back and at other times fast and furious. Her mellow tone and perfect intonation never slacked.«

West PA Magazine

CD reviews

»[…] a delightful mix of Yiddish and Jazz from the early '20s and '30s. Susanne Ortner-Roberts' clarinet is masterful, playful; Tom Roberts stride piano a real treat. Indeed, had this duo been down at the bandshell instead of the pointless country band that spelled the Boston Pops this year, I would have been much happier, and the music would even have fit with the evening's Americana, especially as they weave bits and pieces of everything from Sephardic folksong to dixieland into these songs. […] Quite a delight. […]«

»[…] […] Klezmer music and jazz blend perfectly on this CD. The elaborated way of playing the clarinet and the sensitive piano arrangement has a very emotional effect (or was it the wine?). Sheyn!«

»[…] The fruits of their yearlong collaboration are revealed in the music and extensive, historically accurate liner notes on "A Trip to America," which was self-released on their own Wild About Harry label (named after the little West Highland Terrier who guards their North Side home).«

Pittsburgh Post Gazette